AI-powered Chatbot solution

Smart Agent for
Customer Support

Our smart agent answer all the questions of your customers, the same way your agent do, 24/7.

Embrace AI's game-changing potential and stay ahead.

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Offer your customers the support they deserve


of questions are answered in real time


reduction of your agents' workload


accuracy in identifying customer needs

Surprisingly smart

Facilitate information access for your customers by providing a smart assistant. 

Leveraging the latest advancements in conversational AI technology, AlloBot quickly and accurately understands each customer request to provide personalized responses based on the response history of your agents and/or a knowledge base.

  • Accurante answers
  • Learn from the previous answers of your customer support
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Ask it today, have it tomorrow

No-code solution, super easy to integrate. 

Deploy your own assistant in just a few minutes, with no required AI skills. We take care of the training on your response history and all language characteristics.

Quickly adapts to your language

Once installed, AlloBot Smart Assistant automatically constructs a comprehensive knowledge base tailored to your brand. This enables our AI to provide accurate and personalized responses that align with the specific needs of your business.

Super flexible

Implement the assistant wherever you need it.

  • On your website to respond to customer requests
  • Helpdesk software to automate response drafting for customer tickets
  • To your email tool to answer recurring requests
  • On all your custom software
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Why choose AlloBot Smart Assistant?

A solution to match your aspirations.

Understanding of 82 languages

Multi sofware integration (website, ticketing tool...)

LLM fine-tuné pour maximiser la performance

Customized knowledge base, adapted to your company

-26% de DMT

How does ADP automate 60% of its inbound calls with AlloBot?

+70% promoters listened

Emma improves her Trustpilot rating with AlloReview

2M+ calls analyzed

Club Med Optimizes Customer Interactions with AlloBrain, Slashing Information Search Time by 60%

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