AI Conversation Intelligence

AI Conversation Intelligence for Contact Center

AlloIntelligence analyses 100% of your agent-customer conversations, uncovering insights to drive revenue growth, improve operational efficiency and mitigate compliance risk.

Get the Most Out of Your Customer Conversations

Customer / Agent Conversations Analysis,

Exploit, Monitor, and Automate Every Conversation.

Quality Assurance Control,

AI Evaluate 100% of Your Customer Conversations. 

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Understand what your customers think about your company and what matters to them.

Drive growth

Uncover the root causes of the barriers to sales conversion and growth, and take action to address them.

Improve quality

Replicate assignments across your team by identifying agent shortcomings and best practices.

Conversations analysis

Analyze every conversation instantly and implement ROI-focused strategies

Comprenez les tops sujets de satisfaction et d'insatisfaction de vos clients à une maille très fine. Découvrez les irritations de vos clients et leurs recommandations pour mettre en place des plans d'action.

  • Analyse multi touch point - calls, tickets, mails, WhatsApp... 
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Quality Assurance

Generate performance scores and obtain information for coaching

Réduisez le temps de double écoute des appels et de surveillance des tickets en utilisant AlloIntelligence qui analyse 100% des conversations entre vos agents et vos clients. 

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Tailor-made models

We Fine-tune Large Language Models (LLMs) to give you the Best Performance on the Market.

Based on state of the art models, we refine the understanding models to fit the language of your customers and your environment.

Tag every customer interaction by topic and sentiment automatically
Understand all iteration topics and their satisfaction
Quality Assurance
Monitor the quality of your agents' care with the NLP
Action plan
Make decisions based on in-depth customer knowledge

Our clients get results

  • Answer 100% of customer requests in real time
  • Increase your knowledge of support sollicitations
  • Streamline customer support costs
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a cost-effective solution with a 600% ROI


accuracy in identifying needs


reduction of your agents' workload


reduction in Average Handling Time (AHT)

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"At Club Med, calls represent a very important business lever. AlloIntelligence analyzes all calls to provide us with an understanding of customer irritations and to implement action plans. The analysis is very fast, rich and very relevant. The reactivity and flexibility of the teams is very valuable."

Siddhartha Chatterjee
Chief Digital Officer, Club Med
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An innovative solution that matches your ambitions.

82 languages analyzed by AlloIntelligence

1000+ pluggable data sources

Models trained on more than 20 sectors of activity

Choice of customization among 40 human voices

2M+ calls analyzed

Club Med Optimizes Customer Interactions with AlloBrain, Slashing Information Search Time by 60%

+70% promoters listened

Emma improves her Trustpilot rating with AlloReview

-26% de DMT

How does ADP automate 60% of its inbound calls with AlloBot?