Get more feedback. More qualitative. By voice.

Analyze every feedback and engage your customers in real time with semantic analysis.
The new generation of customer feedback

Enrich your CRM

Create more effective campaigns and improve your customer knowledge by connecting the customer information collected in feedbacks to your CRM.

Boost your e-reputation

Thanks to real-time analysis, leverage positive feedback and engage with your unsatisfied customers.

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Listen to the real voice of your customers

So simple. So powerful.

Your customers will love telling you how to engage them.

Engage 100% of your customers based on their feedback. Our AI analyzes each feedback in real-time to provide a personalized response to the customer based on their comments and satisfaction. Maximize the potential of your promoters and engage your detractors with a response to their dissatisfaction.


Never leave your customers without an answer.

In their feedbacks, your customers tell you about a problem they encountered?Bring them an answer in real time with our Smart Agent and improve the efficiency of your customer support.

  • Improved customer experience: when they want, customers receive an answer to their needs
  • Cost optimization: reduce your department's expenses: a cost-effective solution with a 600% ROI

Simple integration. Simple to share.

AlloReview integrates easily with the systems you already use.

Save time by integrating with your existing tools. You don't have to do anything, we take care of everything.


  • Embed in your website
  • Launch in an e-mail
  • Plug after a phone call
  • Simply share the link

Get results

Do not only collect customer feedback, analyze them in real time.

Rely on best in class AI to transform customer feedback into actionable insights, improve customer support efficiency, and enhance the overall customer experience

Our clients get results

  • 1-day set-up
  • Leverage 100% of your feedback
  • Offer a new self-care experience
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our customers get 4 times more feedback.


voice feedbacks contain 3 times more information than text verbatims


listen to 43% more detractors and build loyalty


70% more promoters share their experience

"In 2019, we sought to evolve our site and our customer journeys, leading three transformations at once: that of the technical architecture, that of the brand image and that of the fluidity of the journeys"

Ophélie Robin
Digital & Innovation Manager, Sofinco
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A solution to match your ambitions.

Understands and works in 82 languages

70% more promoters leave you a review

Offer a personalized response that meets the needs of your detractors

Identify and address customer pain points

4x + feedback

AlloReview helps SNCF collect 3x more customer feedback

4x more feedbacks

BUT improves the reputation of its stores with AlloReview

+70% promoters listened

Emma improves her Trustpilot rating with AlloReview