Generative AI Platform for Insurance

Deliver premium Customer Service with AlloBrain for Insurance

Deliver unprecedented levels of customer service to your clients around the world with our specialist insurance AI platform.

Automate the handling of customer requests

Automate responses and facilitate seamless 24/7 communication, improving satisfaction and engagement with insurance policyholders.

Help agents handle customer requests more effectively

Reduce costs and save time by automating routine tasks. Improve service quality by allowing human agents to focus on complex interactions.

Analyse 100% of conversations and take action

Gain a comprehensive understanding of the passenger experience. Act quickly on feedback to improve satisfaction and loyalty.
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"AlloBrain has been a game changer for our insurance company. Its solutions have not only helped us understand our policyholders better but also revolutionized the way our brokers work. The automation and insights provided by their tools have led to a noticeable increase in efficiency and satisfaction levels, setting a new standard in our industry.”

Siddartha Chaterggie
Chief Digital Officer, ADP (Paris Airports)
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Enjoy the best performances for Insurance Industry

AlloBrain is the partner of insurance companies in their AI challenges related to Customer Service

AlloBrain's product suite is designed specifically for the insurance and banking sectors. With a deep understanding of industry-specific challenges, our AI models are pre-trained to quickly meet your company needs.

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AI Solutions for Insurance Companies

Scale support, not costs, with AlloBrain

Automate service

Automate Policyholder Queries Response with AlloBot

Provide prompt and accurate responses to policyholder inquiries 24/7. Automate routine queries, allowing your team to focus on complex issues.

  • Multicanal : Call, Email, WhatsApp, Messenger
  • Multilingual : 120 languages
  • Humain like experience (without the waiting time)

Automate the phone call answering with a conversational callbot

AlloBrain's callbot that answer passenger call

Answer to Policyholder with a multicanal chatbot

AlloBrain chatbot illustration - AlloBot

Agents AI assistance

Respond to customers better with AI assistance

Give your agents superpowers so they can better respond to customer requests with more context to improve satisfaction.

When a customer calls or is transferred by our callbot, the agent has the full context of the call, information about the customer and help with answering. Maximise sales and satisfaction.

Smart Routing

The callbot routes the call to the most appropriate advisor available for the customer's query.

Live Transcript & Context

When the agent picks up the call, they know the reason for the call and can follow the conversation.

Smart Script

Helps agents stay compliant by following prescribed steps according to the stages of the call.

Ai Assistant

Chatbot connected to knowledge base information to find answers quickly.

Customer details

Connects to your internal systems, allowing the agent to obtain information about customers

Auto summary

The AI makes the summary at the end of the call, so no information is missed and after-call work is reduced.


Analyses 100% of conversations, turning unstructured data into insights

Discover insights within your operations. Achieve complete clarity on every customer interaction across all touchpoints, empowering you to seize new opportunities and mitigate risks.

Guide agents and sales teams to excellence with immediate feedback and tailored mentoring. Streamline processes to enhance efficiency and elevate agent results.

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Illustration of allointelligence solution with graph of conversation analysis

Listen to the real voice of your customers and drive outcomes

Use voice-based feedback to understand the policyholder experience.

Connect feedback analysis to your CRM to enrich customer information and drive personalisation.

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An award-winning Conversational AI, tailored for your business

We harness the power of Large Language Models and in-house NLP algorithms to analyze spoken and written conversations.
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