Generative AI callbot

Maximize your call center productivity with a conversational callbot

Automate your incoming calls with AlloBot and improve customer service quality
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Provide a better experience for your customers with callbot

reduction of the Average Handling Time (AHT)
up to 55%
of calls automated
> 95%
accuracy in identifying customer needs
provide continuous customer service

Offer a better experience for your customers

The callbot answers your customers' calls autonomously

By leveraging our technology, the AlloBot callbot understands human language and identifies your customers' needs, responding in real-time.

This way, your customers receive an instant response for the most recurring requests, freeing up advisors to handle high-value calls.

  • Human capital development: consultants respond to high-value calls
  • Improved customer experience: when they want, customers receive an answer to their needs
  • Cost optimization: reduce your department's expenses: a cost-effective solution with a 600% ROI

Simply powerful,

Callbot with the greatest performances

Based on the best of conversational technology, AlloBot Callbot offers market-leading results and continuously enhances its performance through advanced machine learning algorithms.

  • Up to 55% of calls automated in autonomy
  • Find the best answer in real time
  • Continuous improvement through machine learning

LLM trained just for you

A tailor-made callbot,

With the Callbot, maintain a 100% pickup rate regardless of volume. AlloBot greets your customers on the phone, listens to them and meets their needs.

Follow the callbot's performance at a glance

  • Make adjustments to the course
  • Detect the emergence of new call patterns
  • Track pickup rate performance
  • Move quickly from data to action

Tasks automation

The AlloBot callbot enables sending of SMS messages and emails, as well as triggering customer follow-up actions

Value your support agents

Combine performance and customer experience with the callbot

The expertise and empathy of telephone counselors are essential for providing an optimal customer experience for complex questions.

However, without Callbot, telephone counselors spend 65% of their time responding to simple and repetitive requests, to the detriment of complex requests.

With AlloBot Callbot, automate the processing of simple requests and enhance the work of the counselors by devoting 100% of their time to high-value-added calls.

AlloBot routes calls to the most proficient counselors based on topics and provides them with information about the customer's request.

A callbot that meets your needs

AlloBot manages and recognizes 82 languages

Smart routing to the right service based on request

Emotion analysis to adapt the conversation to each situation

Choice of customization among 40 human-origin voices

Supports inbound and outbound calls

Caller authentication and information collection in the CRM

Continuous improvement through machine learning

-26% de DMT

How does ADP automate 60% of its inbound calls with AlloBot?

+70% promoters listened

Emma improves her Trustpilot rating with AlloReview

2M+ calls analyzed

Club Med Optimizes Customer Interactions with AlloBrain, Slashing Information Search Time by 60%

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Smart Assistant,

ChatGPT for Customer Support.

Seamlessly integrated into your Website or Help Desk software, AlloBot Smart Assistant automates responses to your customers' requests.