CRM Enrichment solution

Enrich your CRM to show your customers that they are all unique

Enrich your customers' information in your CRM according to their preferences.

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Better knowledge, better conversion.

more sales on mailing campaigns.
more customer information in the CRM
more feedbacks collected

Experience the power of AlloReview

Your customers' preferences synchronized in real time with your CRM

  • Discover marketing campaign recommendations on your dashboard by topic
  • Customize your campaigns based on what your customers tell you
  • Cost effective solution with an average ROI of 600%.
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Who knows your client better than they know themselves?

Voice feedbacks contain on average 5 times more information than written questionnaires. All information is captured in real time by our AI to help you create engagement.

  • Detect the interests of your customers
  • Improve the conversion rate of your campaigns
  • Engage your customers on their terms

Capture customer information from multiple sources

Through emails, tickets, calls and feedback, your customers talk to you and share valuable information about their interests, habits and tastes.

  • Capture the voice of your customers in omnicannal
  • Connect all your information sources to CRM
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A solution to match your ambitions.

Compatible with all CRM by API

Create more personalized marketing campaigns

Understands and works in 82 languages

Get 7 times more informations on your customers

2M+ calls analyzed

Club Med Optimizes Customer Interactions with AlloBrain, Slashing Information Search Time by 60%

+70% promoters listened

Emma improves her Trustpilot rating with AlloReview

-26% de DMT

How does ADP automate 60% of its inbound calls with AlloBot?

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Discover the power of AlloReview

Boost your e-reputation

Thanks to real-time analysis, leverage positive feedback and engage with your unsatisfied customers.