March 20, 2023

AlloReview becomes AlloBrain

Why this evolution? Simply put, to better reflect the entirety of our solutions. While AlloReview was specialized in voice feedback collection and semantic analysis, AlloBrain is more comprehensive and helps brands optimize their customer service through voice recognition and semantic analysis along three axes: listening, analysis, and automation. These three axes are broken down into three solutions: AlloReview, AlloIntelligence, and AlloBot.

With the same semantic analysis technology for which we have been recognized, coupled with the rapid advancements in NLP, we have developed several use cases with our clients to address business needs. AlloBrain is a natural evolution to better clarify the commercialized offerings and reflect the intelligence behind all of our solutions.

How AlloBrain helps businesses improve their customer relations?

AlloReview (listening) is our voice feedback solution, allowing customers to freely express their experiences and provide an average of 5 times more information. Feedback is analyzed in real-time to provide a response to the customer based on their statements and satisfaction. Discover the features of AlloReview.

AlloIntelligence (analysis) is the analysis solution for all conversations between brands and their customers via phone, email, tickets, etc. Through semantic analysis, AlloIntelligence can detect customer satisfaction and dissatisfaction topics, identify the most common keywords, measure the quality of customer service, and provide detailed reports on the company's customer relationship performance. This allows businesses to better understand their customers' needs and expectations, and therefore improve their customer relations.

AlloBot (automation) is the automation solution that optimizes brand customer service. Through a Callbot and Smart Assistant, automate low-value customer requests to free up agents to focus on high-value requests. Customers can ask questions and receive instant responses 24/7, helping to alleviate contact center congestion. Discover AlloBot.

In summary, our rebranding clarifies our offerings and highlights our expertise in AI and semantic analysis since our launch. With AlloReview, AlloIntelligence, and AlloBot, we support businesses with all their voice of the customer needs.