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Elevate Passenger Experience with Generative AI

AlloBrain transforms airline and rail contact centres with generative AI to provide passengers with the best possible customer service experience, ensuring immediate service without delays and the best possible customer service experience.

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Streamline Passenger Communication

Eliminate customer service bottlenecks, respond instantly and provide seamless information to your passengers.

Improve Operational Efficiency

Reduce costs and save time by automating routine tasks. Improve service quality by allowing human agents to focus on complex interactions.

Unlock Insights from Passenger Voice

Gain a comprehensive understanding of the passenger experience. Act quickly on feedback to improve satisfaction and loyalty.
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"With AlloBrain's AI-powered customer service, we achieved a seamless integration that resulted in a 40% reduction in response time, a boost in customer satisfaction scores, and insights that led to significant improvements in our services. AlloBrain is an indispensable partner in our journey to excellence."

Siddartha Chaterggie
Chief Digital Officer, ADP (Paris Airports)
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Reduce time to value with our travel industry experience

Benefit from a tailor-made solution in record time.

AlloBrain enables airlines and rail companies to provide unparalleled customer service with Travel industry-focused AI solutions, reducing both time and complexity.

AI Solutions for Travel companies

For your specific needs, find the perfect solution

Chatbot to Meet Passenger Needs

The most advanced chatbot directly connected to your internal systems to identify passengers and their bookings.

Provide immediate, personalized responses to passenger inquiries. Enhance customer satisfaction by enabling 24/7 support, offering real-time updates, and creating a smooth booking process.

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AlloBrain's chatbot for travel companies
AlloBrain's callbot that answer passenger call

Callbot to Respond to Passenger Calls

Optimise call handling with Generative AI-Powered voicebots designed to understand and respond to passengers' needs in real-time. Reduce wait times and improve efficiency with automated responses and solutions.

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Collecting the Voice of the Passengers

Capture real passenger feedback with intuitive voice-based satisfaction surveys. Gain qualitative insights and analyse feedback in real-time to understand areas for improvement or delight.

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Analysis of Incoming Queries

Automate the analysis of customer queries across multiple channels, identify trends and improve business performance. Use insights to drive strategic decisions and proactively address passenger needs.

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An award-winning Conversational AI, tailored for your business

We harness the power of Large Language Models and in-house NLP algorithms to analyze spoken and written conversations.
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