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Better knowledge, better relationship


more promoters share their experience with you


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Get more reviews on online comparison sites such as Google Review

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Optimize your post-feedback paths

With a deep understanding of customer satisfaction and the topics they talk about, create customized paths.

If a customer shares a positive experience, build loyalty and offer to share their feedback.

If a customer shares a negative feedback, offer them an engaging response and address their need in real time.

  • Intuitive course creation interface
  • Push positive reviews on the comparison sites of your choice
  • Provide a real-time response to detractors

Shine where you want.

Boost your reputation on reviews plateforms with ou integrations

Take advantage of AlloReview's many integrations to shine and gain market share. The customer's opinion is transcribed and copied in their paper press, they just have to paste it in 1 click. Simple, isn't it?

Share the voice of your customers

Share the real voice of your customers

Receive a monthly video summary of your customers' feedback to share.

  • On your networks to highlight the voice of the customer and the attention you pay to it.
  • Internally to improve employee engagement
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4x more feedbacks

BUT improves the reputation of its stores with AlloReview

2M+ calls analyzed

Club Med Optimizes Customer Interactions with AlloBrain, Slashing Information Search Time by 60%

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Sofinco uses AlloReview to improve its online reputation

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Enrich your CRM

The information collected from your customers' feedback is sent directly to your CRM to create more effective campaigns.