Generative AI chatbot for the Insurance Industry

Deliver premium service with AlloBrain for Insurance

Deliver unprecedented levels of customer service to your clients around the world with our specialist insurance AI platform.

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Modern customers expect instant chat response to their needs - AlloBot is the tool for them.

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The AI-powered chatbot - with a twist

Why are chatbots from AlloBrain the best fit for your business?

Sales support

Help your customers find the perfect product quickly

The Conversational Assistant helps your customers find the product that best matches their criteria in a matter of seconds.

Connected to your product sheets in just a few clicks, the assistant identifies the descriptions, categories and prices of each product and recommends them to the customer.

  • Respond to growing customer expectations to easily resolve issues via chat
  • Support customer service operations, especially during peak periods
  • Address known customer pain points
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Figure: Chatbot Allobot connection to internal systems

Facilitate self-care

Enable customers to perform self-care tasks

By connecting to your internal systems, our chatbot can retrieve user-specific information and perform advanced actions.

Answers to questions

Replace your FAQs with a chatbot using conversational AI

Traditional FAQs no longer meet the expectations of consumers who want a quick, conversational answer to their question and don't want to waste time searching for information.

Thanks to our chatbot, customers can get their questions answered in seconds.

  • Connect your FAQ to the chatbot in 1 click
  • Automatic update of FAQ data
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"At Club Med, calls represent a very important business lever. AlloIntelligence analyzes all calls to provide us with an understanding of customer irritations and to implement action plans. The analysis is very fast, rich and very relevant. The reactivity and flexibility of the teams is very valuable."

Nathalie Jacquot
Digital and Ecommerce Director, Picard
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Picard improves sales and reduces customer service solutions

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reduction in customer service enquiries


9 points gained on NPS in 6 months


conversations with the chatbot / month

Save setup time

A chatbot designed for retail

With AlloBot, take advantage of integrated functionality designed for retail companies.

Order tracking

Delivery tracking

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Product search

Returns & Refunds

Dynamic FAQ

Respond without delay - even at peak times

Capable of handling more than 30,000 concurrent sessions, our system ensures an immediate response to customers, even during busy periods such as Black Friday.

Adapt to the channels that passengers use

AlloBot chatbot is available on over 10+ different channels including WhatsApp, Messenger, Website, Mobile, Line...

Respond to consumers in their own language

Our chatbot understands and can respond in over 120 languages.