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Analysis and create value from your customers discussions

Maximize your customer insight and understanding by analyzing 100% of their interactions and messages.

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Better knowledge, better decisions


of your multi-channel conversations are analyzed


Leverage in-depth knowledge of your customers to improve their experience


accuracy in identifying customer needs

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Understand at a very fine level all the exchanges with your customers

More than a sentiment analysis, AlloIntelligence provides a detailed understanding of your customer interactions. Understand their satisfaction and complaint issues, their suggestions and recommendations, all with a degree of urgency and follow-up over time.

At a glance

AlloIntelligence provides you with a global understanding of your customer exchanges with weekly summaries and a detailed view of sub-categories on a 1-click dashboard.

  • Make informed decisions
  • Gain global understanding
  • No spreadsheet
  • No technical knowledge required
screenshot of AlloIntelligence Dashboard

Identify trends in customer interactions

  • What are our customers' reasons for contact?
  • What are the new trends?
  • How to improve the payment stage?
  • How to retain occasional customers?
AlloIntelligence multi chanel insights

AlloIntelligence provides all the answers to your questions by using 100% of the information from your exchanges with your customers and their feedback.

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AlloIntelligence multi connection

Simply fast.

Simply and quickly connected to all your sources.

Connect AlloIntelligence to all your customer data sources:

  • Customer / employee feedback tools
  • Incoming and outgoing calls
  • Ticketing, After-Sales Service
  • Chatbot tools

Get insights

Identify areas for improvement

All the insights provided by AlloIntelligent make it the best assistant to improve your customer service performance.

Reduce the number of inbound calls by having a better knowledge of their reasons

Improve your customers' satisfaction

By saving hundreds of hours of analysis, you can spend more time solving the problems your clients face and coaching advisors to ensure better support.

2M+ calls analyzed

Club Med Optimizes Customer Interactions with AlloBrain, Slashing Information Search Time by 60%

+70% promoters listened

Emma improves her Trustpilot rating with AlloReview

-26% de DMT

How does ADP automate 60% of its inbound calls with AlloBot?


solution that meets your ambitions

82 languages analyzed by AlloIntelligence

1000+ pluggable data sources

Models trained on more than 20 sectors of activity

Choice of customization among 40 human voices

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Get the most out of your conversations

Redefine your Quality Assurance with AI

Evaluate 100% of conversations using NLP technology to gain insight on agent performance & compliance to improve service quality