March 19, 2023

Selfcare: The Future of Customer Service Thanks to Callbots

Customer service is a crucial element for the growth of any business. Customers expect quick responses and solutions to their problems, which requires great availability from support teams. However, effectively responding to all requests can be difficult and costly for businesses. This is where chatbots and callbots come in. These technologies have become essential tools for companies looking to provide efficient and fast customer service.

What is Selfcare?

Selfcare is a modern approach to customer service that allows customers to solve their own problems. This means that customers can find answers to their questions using online resources rather than contacting customer service directly. Chatbots and callbots are part of this approach, as they provide customers with automated and personalized answers to their questions.

The Benefits of Callbots and Smart Assistants for Selfcare

Technological advances in NLP allow companies like AlloBrain to provide intelligent solutions for callbots and smart assistants that respond to customer requests in real-time and in a conversational manner.

By taking inspiration from the language used by agents in your company, the selfcare solutions offered by AlloBrain provide a human experience to your customers by offering numerous benefits:

  1. 24/7 availability : Callbots and Smart Assistants are available 24/7, which means that customers can get answers to their questions at any time, even outside of normal business hours.
  2. Quick responses : Callbots and Smart Assistants can provide immediate answers to frequently asked questions, reducing wait times for customers.
  3. Personalization :Callbots and Smart Assistants can be programmed to provide personalized answers to customer questions based on their purchase history and online behavior. This allows customers to feel more connected to the company and increases customer satisfaction.
  4. Cost reduction : Callbots and Smart Assistants can reduce the costs associated with customer support by eliminating the need to hire additional staff to respond to support requests.

How to integrate these solutions into my customer service?

The time and installation process for callbots and intelligent assistants are different. However, AlloBrain can assist you in implementing these solutions to offer you the best deadlines and performance.

The installation involves two phases:

Phase 1: analysis of current requests and conversations between your brand and customers to integrate the specificities of your company's language and identify subjects that can be highly automated.

Phase 2: customization of the solution to address your specific business challenges.

Phase 3: installation of the solution and integration into your existing tools.

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