AI Chatbot for Airlines

Much more than a Chatbot - Choose the Intelligent Assistant

AlloBot is the new generation chabot designed for travel companies to increase self-care where it hasn't been possible before.

AlloBrain's chatbot for travel companies

Provide 24/7 travel assistance, allowing passengers to book tickets, make changes and get information in self-care.

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The AI-powered chatbot - with a twist

Don't be satisfied with a simple chatbot

Seamlessly complete tasks on the go with AlloBot

Introducing a next-level chatbot experience that empowers your airline's efficiency. Our cutting-edge chatbot effortlessly performs tasks such as:

Rebooking changes


Flight status


checkout icno


bagage tracking

Airport way Finger

Complaints & Problems

Loyalty Programs

Meeting the Industry's Evolving Challenges

The airline industry is in a state of flux, and the choice of AI is critical to accommodating the growing number of passengers without compromising quality.

Les compagnies aériennes doivent s'équiper d'AlloBot pour 3 raisons :

  • Respond to growing customer expectations to easily resolve issues via chat
  • Support customer service operations, especially during peak periods
  • Address known customer pain points
screenshot of the allobot chatbot communicating with the internal reservation system to suggest a new timetable to the passenger.

Respond without delay - even at peak times

With the capacity to manage over 30,000 concurrent sessions, our system ensures that sudden spikes in demand don't disrupt customer service. Easy scaling is at the core of our solution.

Adapt to the channels that passengers use

Our integration with 25+ voice and digital channels, from iMessage to WhatsApp and Twitter, guarantees that you can reach and serve customers through their preferred means of communication.

Respond to passengers in their own language

We offer support for over 120 languages, along with bidirectional translation, enabling your agents to communicate with customers worldwide without language barriers.

Our Distinct Advantages

We're more than a technological provider; we're a strategic partner, guiding the airline industry in their transformation towards intelligent and scalable solutions.

Human-Like Conversations:

Our chatbots don't just talk; they converse. Powered by market-leading NLU technology and Large Language Models (LLMs), we create natural, empathetic dialogues that resonate with your customers.

Personalized, Just Like You

Every customer is unique, and our solutions recognise that individuality. With contact profiles and native LLM capabilities, we tailor each interaction to match the conversation history and reflect the customer's sentiment.

Data-Drive Optimization

We don't believe in guesswork. Our technology unlocks insights and analysis from every conversation, as broad or detailed as you need. From KPI dashboards to sophisticated message analysis, we give you the tools to continually refine and improve your customer interactions.